I’m a wife and mum of 3 beautiful boys who are gorgeous, busy and testing all in one. So how did a journey begin from Mum to Career?

I had different hopes and dreams as a child but in my teen years all I really wanted to achieve in life was to build a house, get married and have kids. I knew that I also needed to have a job in order to achieve that and so in my school years I thought about those possibilities and decided I wanted to do make-up. Generally make-up artists are also hairdressers and I knew that if I wanted to work in the modelling industry to apply make-up I would need to be able to combine both of these skills. So I embarked on a hairdressing apprenticeship. Knowing I had this opportunity awaiting my final school year I didn’t find the need to study for exams because I was already set up, or so I thought…

A medical condition prevented me from following through with that career and so I was 20 without a job, no income and renting with my partner (future husband). I had no qualifications and even though I had worked from the age of 14 with a great list of references I still couldn’t get a job. This all lead to low confidence and self-esteem.

After 6 long months I landed a traineeship in Business Administration with a disability service provider. I knew that any job I obtained, I would prove my worth through my hard work and determination.

Child number 1 came along in those years along with building our first home. Having my first child was what sparked a desire to have a career. Money was my driver to provide a quality of life for my family and so I worked hard and was determined to build my career to carry that financial desire.

After 6 ½ years I realised that it was time to move on and an opportunity arose that I thought was what I wanted to do. It was a Personal Assistant position. Knowing my abilities with being organised and taking control of situations I thought it would be a job well suited to me. In this time we got married. I had completed my dreams of building a house, getting married and having kids. So what next? After 6 years I realised that my role was no longer fulfilling or challenging. The second child came along and I really didn’t want to return to work, so all the pie in the sky ideas began. I wanted to start an online business that would be viable. A business that would bring me a healthy income, I could work around my kids, from home and achieve a level of satisfaction within in a career. One problem……I had no idea what that business would be and I would go over the many ideas that would enter my head. Then of course the time rolled around to return to work again back as a personal assistant, back into a job that I didn’t find challenging. I went to work everyday knowing that I wasn’t meeting my full potential or my aspirations.

Again, I thought about the fact that I needed to find a job that I would love. I loved my kids and I loved educating myself about their developmental stages and the rollercoaster of tantrums and milestones. It was then that I decided that Kindergarten teaching was what I wanted to do.

So I enrolled in a course (even though we were scrapping the bottom of the financial barrel, something we had always done, but this year worse than ever). Certificate III in Children’s Services was the beginning of my studies, a $1,300 course which included 120 hours of voluntary work. During this time I realised that Kindergarten teaching wasn’t going to be the career for me either. Then I had child number 3. Once again, while I was on maternity leave the thought of running my own business flooded my mind. All the pie in the sky ideas rolled over and over. I could see the look on my husbands face when I would share the next great idea. It was the look of here we go again.
It was exhausting thinking about the money I had spent on the course, the money I had paid out in child care while I volunteered my hours and studied, and the time I spent getting through the course with 3 kids.

What was that one thing that was going to make my heart sing? What was going to get me out of bed, excited about heading to work with a true passion? I was so sick of searching and wished someone would just hand me the answers. I had already spent years of dreaming, money, time and energy trying to discover the ‘right’ thing for me. So I turned to Maria. I asked if she had any programs that would help me find a career that was right for me. Maria asked me what it was that I thought I might like to do and I said Marketing. Maria, recommended I complete the 3 minute quiz to find a career that would be best suited to me.

Upon completing the quiz and obtaining my results funnily enough Marketing was one of the career possibilities that was listed. I had always loved to talk with people, share stories and knowledge. I met with Maria to discuss trialling her program ‘Find Your Calling.’ I left that meeting with a job opportunity to work with Maria in a marketing role. I can’t begin to explain the excitement and joy I felt. One I will never forget!!!

I came into my role with absolutely no knowledge in the field. What I did have was a determination and drive to work hard and prove my value as an employee. I continued to complete the ‘Find Your Calling’ program.

What that gave me:

  • It gave me the self-reflection I needed to see what was and wasn’t working for me in my life.
  • It gave me the time to really look at what I valued in work and what I wanted to aspire to be.
  • It gave me an opportunity to grow, dream big, share with other women and feel safe all while doing that.
  • It gave me back me…

After all these years of putting everybody else first it gave me a chance to focus on what it was that MY heart desired, what it was that I had dreamed about and the belief that I AM capable of achieving anything I want, as long as I am willing to work hard enough to make it happen.

It gave me community in a group of women who all had different dreams and yet we were bonded through finding out what was true to each of our individual hearts. It gave me a space to not be judged or shut down. Most of all it gave me possibility.

Finding what’s true to you is the key. Whether it’s a career change, finding that spark of passion back in your current job or finding you again.



Is a vivacious woman, driven by her love for her family. She strives to create a life with work/life balance and knows what it is like to raise a family and want a career for herself.


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