Smashed Eggs and a Career

OMG have you ever had a few of those crazy days at home where the kids run wild, no matter what you do to try to keep them entertained your efforts just don’t seem to have an affect on them!

The day starts with sleeping in an extra half an hour, as I was up late the night before reading and soaking up some of the very rare ‘ME TIME’. The kids are up and about so I know it’s time to get out of bed and get the day cracking.

I give them all a kiss good morning and ask how they slept and how they are, then I organise their breakfast. Shortly after I head to the bathroom to shower. While I’m trying to have a shower I can hear the screaming, fighting and pantry doors opening and shutting, which generally means the cupboards are being raided because I’m in the shower. I never know what mess to expect when I actually get out.

Sometimes (when I need to) I stay in the shower a little longer to grab an extra 5 minutes to myself. Then out of nowhere they come bursting in, Judd (my eldest) saying ‘Mum Cruz has spilt the milk all over the floor’, while Cruz walks in crying because he’s made a mess. There goes that extra 5 minutes in the shower!

I quickly dry myself and brush my hair to investigate the new floor décor. Milk everywhere while Maddox (youngest) has been stepping through the spilt milk and left those tiny little footprints all over the floor. Then the thought sinks in WHY, WHY, WHY did I take that extra half an hour to lay in bed this morning rather than getting up before the kids to have a shower, in order to not have to deal with the extra housework.

As I’m cleaning the mess the eldest one is teasing the middle child and the middle child is screaming because he’s frustrated. So I get up and break the fight up only to turn around and see the youngest back at the milk scene with a banana in his hand. ‘Mum I want a nana.’ I head across to remove him from the still not completely cleaned up milk scene, and peel the banana.

Finally I make a cuppa and sit down with some breaky while the kids play and I plan how the day is going to look. Matt (my husband) returns home from working all night, gives us all a kiss and briefly chats. He’s tired from working and grabs a quick bite to eat before heading to bed. I know it’s going to be a tough gig trying to keep Mr 8, Mr 4 and Mr 2 quiet while dad tries to get some sleep.

The previous night I had also written some goals and ideas down and wanted to debrief with an amazing mentor Leanne. I leave the room to chat to her as the noise level is rising. So I head into one of the kids rooms and shut the door. They enter the room numerous times with different questions, telling on one of the other siblings or requesting something else to eat even though they’ve been fed. They’re still not full? I wrap the conversation up as I’ve been on the phone for 10 minutes now and god only knows what chaos has been created while I’ve been distracted. Yep 2 smashed raw eggs sit on the tiles below the fridge door. Maddox has been in the fridge again! Usually he just likes to open the fridge door and sit in the bottom of it (I like to think of him as the little man in the fridge that ‘turns the light on and off’). I tell him numerous times a day to get out of the fridge and close the door but it’s all a game and a new fascination. After I clean the mess Judd declares ‘Mum Maddox was eating cornflakes out of the bin’. Great so not only did he smash the eggs he also decided to help himself to this mornings breakfast scraps.

WOW what a morning already… It’s time to head to the playground to wear off some of that busy boys energy. I chat with the kids, push them on the swings and watch as they role-play being pirates together. I notice another child enters the playground and I observe the children interacting with him. Knowing my kids and their body language, I can tell that they are not inviting the new child, who is chatting to them into their play. I head across to assist in their communications in welcoming new friends into play. I hear Mr 4 make a snide remark as I approach so I know I need to intervene. I explain to Mr 4 that it’s ok to include new people into our play. I asked the child what his name was and I told him mine. Then I asked each of my children to introduce themselves to the young man and to ask him if he would like to join in on their play. He replies with ‘no I’m going to play with my dad.’ So the boys continue to play pirates and the little boy returns to his dad. I check my watch it’s 11am and it’s been an hour at the playground so it’s time to leave. Still need some time away from home to ensure hubby gets some decent hours rest. I head to my sisters to have a cuppa while the kids play with their cousins. The boys start fighting with the girls so I spend the time ignoring some of the arguments and sorting out others. The entire time at my sisters is taken up with the kids arguing and I think we barely get 5 minutes chat in. It’s lunchtime and already I’m exhausted but it’s time to head home to feed the boys AGAIN. The drive home consists of singing (you could also describe it as screaming the words at the top of their lungs) and bopping away to their favourite song ‘Don’t Stop’ by 5 Seconds of Summer.

I make their lunches and prepare Maddox for his rest time and Cruz for his quiet time with a movie. I check out my work emails and a bit of Facebook then head to the overflowing washing basket. The kids rest time is taken up with cleaning up from this mornings toys, folding and putting away washing. Then Dad gets up! Finally help has arrived. Wow what a day it’s 4pm now and time to prepare dinner. The chaos doesn’t stop there. The usual arguments of toys, not getting their own way or just plain stirring continues. Then the dinner, bath and bedtime routine kicks in. We all know they head to bed but that doesn’t stop them from getting out of bed for the next hour and a half no matter how many times I reminded them to return to bed.

I get everything out ready for work the next day, crèche bags ready, all our clothes out and breakfast utensils out and ready on the bench for the morning rush.

Being a mum and working isn’t always easy but I love both of these jobs. I love being a mum even though some days can be tough but I also know how important having a career is to me. I enjoy my time at work and having the mental stimulation and break away. It helps me to rejuvenate and work on MY needs at the same time.

There are a few things that aid me in managing and balancing the two busy lives I run.

A) Setting goals – visualising my year ahead and how I want it to look and feel. Thinking about what I want to create and achieve in my life. Then I go about making those things happen by creating a clear action plan. This was one of the biggest driving forces for me after completing the ‘Find Your Calling’ program. It allowed me to not just dream what I wanted to achieve but to ensure I took the action steps to make it happen!

B) Coaching sessions with Maria – have been the key to working on the un-resourceful aspects in my life. Such as shifting the negative thought processes to work with me rather than against me. Being a mum can have you question yourself, feel judged on so many occasions and so much guilt! Do I spend enough time with them, am I raising them right, am I too tough, am I too lenient, am I too protective. The list of conflicting thoughts goes on. And you know what, we all just do the best we can with the tools we have. But what if you could be better? What if you could manage your life and all the ups and downs even better? Because that’s what you’ll receive in a coaching session. It’s about whatever is holding you back in that moment. Whether it be home life, family, relationships, kids, work, friends or past history events that have held you back. Getting the learning’s of what is going on in life empowers me to make changes to break through the blocks and become a brighter and happier me.

I couldn’t do it all if I didn’t love my job. The ‘Find Your Calling’ program helped me find my passion that makes MY heart sing. I’m a person too right?! Even though I’m a wife and a mum, I’m still a person with hopes, desires, aspirations and dreams and I’m working on those everyday! Go out and chase your dreams too xx

By Shannyn



Is a vivacious woman, driven by her love for her family. She strives to create a life with work/life balance and knows what it is like to raise a family and want a career for herself.


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