Money, money, money… they say it makes the world go around. It doesn’t bring you happiness but it sure as hell makes life a lot easier!

Are you sick of the constant worry about the mounting bills versus the lack of income coming in to pay those bills?

Do you feel like burying your head in the sand some days and just wishing it would go away on its own?

It can get pretty tough out there; the walls feel like they are closing in and there’s no way out. I should know. I’ve spent pretty much my entire life wishing those bills away and wondering how much more I could take; until I got to the lowest of lows in our financial circumstances.

I worked in ‘jobs’ from the moment I was old enough until I realized that a career was what was going to shift me high enough up the ladder to earn some real dollars. Along the way I also realized something else; what was a career if you didn’t love it? What was going to a job every day and hating it? What was worse the lack of income or the unfulfilling occupation? That’s when I shifted my focus to ‘career’, to nourish that bottom line. It’s so tiresome fighting it over and over and over again. I also realized that I needed to find a job / career that would make my heart sing. Something that I loved every day, a place I wanted to go to and a place that enabled me to grow.

What would that career be? Where do I even start to begin…

So I thought about what I loved. Children was my answer. After all I had two of my own at this stage and loved learning about them and the many developing milestones they would reach with each new year. So I decided that Kindergarten teaching was something where I could follow my heart and also be financially rewarded. 2 years later, 120 hours of volunteer placement and a new baby on my hip, not to mention a lot of money paid in child care fees, the kindergarten teaching wasn’t what I wanted to do.

So after all this time and money I was right back where I had begun. Where on earth would I turn to now? How do I tell my family that it wasn’t the path for me?

But I knew that I needed to do what was right for me and my soul. Being a person who never gives up I completed my course and got my certificate.

I knew the journey ahead wasn’t over and that I needed more. So my search began. Although I was financially struck I was prepared to spend money in order to get the long-term return. I searched many ‘costly’ online programs that I thought would benefit me. Even though I knew it would put a strain on us. I also knew that investing in our future was going to be the pay off. So I was prepared to do whatever it took to get our family and me to a place of financial freedom. In fact I was desperate to get the answers, as I was exhausted from searching for them over the past however many years.

Then I turned to an inspiring lady by the name of Maria Smith, to ask if she could help me in the search for career that would make my heart sing.

Maria offered for me to do the ‘Find Your Calling’ focus group program. After completing the program I walked away with the clarity of knowing exactly what it was that I wanted to do. With a vision of what it would look like and how it would feel.

So if I could give you one piece of advice, don’t waste the time or money trying to figure out, by yourself, what your heart desires in a job or career.

By Shannyn



Is a vivacious woman, driven by her love for her family. She strives to create a life with work/life balance and knows what it is like to raise a family and want a career for herself.


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