Imagine how much you could get done if time would stand still! We would all love to have more time; in fact I’m sure it’s the number one wish of so many women. Think about it, we are all so busy doing so many things in our lives, whether it’s running the kids to sporting commitments or tending to the needs of the littler ones. We work or study and have everyday house duties on top of all of that. Not to mention throwing in a little time for fitness and errands. It’s all such a juggling act.

So how do you get around that?

Being well organised ensures you keep a balance on everything that’s important to you; whether it’s family, friends, work, health or fitness.

We all have the same amount of time in each day but it’s what you do with that time that’s important. So how do you organise yourself? Where do you need to spend the most time?

Something I have learnt very quickly is that having all of your drawers open at the same time is a recipe for disaster. So think of the areas in your life as the drawers in your bedroom. If you have all of them open at once it would fall over.

So instead, when you are at home with the kids, you have your home drawer open and make sure the others are shut. When you head to work, open your work draw and close the rest. This way you can be focused on the areas you that need to be and ensure that you are present in the moment. Doing this allows you to really zero in on exactly what you need to focus on and not let anything unimportant creep in and distract you.

How you organise your time to get the most out of it, depends on how you like to function during the day; you may like to do one thing at a time or have 5 different things on the go at once. It’s very important to understand how you operate so you can work with it instead of against it. Our 3 minute career quiz gives you clarity on exactly the type of person you are. Whether you’re fast paced and decisive or calm, collected and meticulous, this simple and intuitive quiz pin points your needs and directs you on how to best use your unique skills in any situation.

The most important thing about time management and getting the most out of the 24 hours in the day is to not get distracted in mentally organising your tasks and then forget to actually do them. Once you organise yourself, get up and get on with it. You might feel better having sorted everything out but in the end, action is what gets things done.

We can all procrastinate at times but we’ll be here along the way to see how you’re tracking and if you need some further inspiration, we’re only a click away!

By Shannyn



Is a vivacious woman, driven by her love for her family. She strives to create a life with work/life balance and knows what it is like to raise a family and want a career for herself.


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