In this day and age of the “women can do it all” era, the juggle of home life, work life, social life and extracurricular life is becoming increasingly hard to maintain.  The demands that are put on us daily (or more to the point that we put on ourselves) means there are areas of our life that are being neglected – friendship being one of these.  But now more than ever it is imperative we make ourselves allocate some buddy time to support each other in our crazy busy lives.

Gone are the days where catching up with friends meant a coffee morning or a party plan evening of Lorraine Lee Linen or Tupperware.  Many of us simply do not have the time in our busy working/home life schedules to fit in anything other than work and family.  So much emphasis is now placed on getting the next ‘thing’, a new home or a new car.   We are consequently working harder in order to get these ‘objects’, but in the process our relationships, due to lack of time, are breaking down.

Staying connected with friends is giving us a support network outside our relatives that we can pluck from at any given time when the need arises.  I think we all have the ‘homemade meal friend’ who will turn up on our doorstep with a casserole in times of dire need.  The ‘lend an ear friend’ who is only a phone call away when you really need to get something off your chest.  The ‘tell you like it is friend’ who is game enough to tell you that ‘yes your butt does look big in those jeans’.  The “party friend’ who will take you out on a much needed girls night out, and the ‘constant friend’ who you may not see for 6 months, but you can pick up straight away where you last left off.

Friendships like life are ever evolving.  It is ok if friendships come and go as people change, move away, get married, have families and change professions.  Not all of us can stay connected and I have learned along the way that it is ok!!  Quality and not quantity is the key.  Surround yourself with the friends that make you feel good, that are interested in you just as much as you are in them. While we all may have a BFF (best friend forever), don’t close yourself off to new relationships, you might miss out on meeting a new friend that you find interesting, caring, maybe even inspiring!!

So go ahead, go and call that friend that you said you would ring but never got a chance to.  Look up that old school buddy that you always think of but never have the courage to get in touch with.  Rid yourself of the toxic friends and surround yourself with the true mates that are always there for you not matter what.  And most importantly – MAKE THE TIME!!

As William Shakespeare said

A friend is one that knows you as you are,

Understands where you have been,

Accepts what you have become and still,

Gently allows you to grow



Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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