It is a sign of the times that we are all racing around, trying to juggle home life, careers and family.  The more we have to do the more stressed we become – sound familiar?? Let’s take a step out of the box and try downscaling – declutter and focus on the things that are really important to us.  Some people seem to think that less is not enough, and we all want more – more money, a bigger and better house, a newer car – more stuff!!  But think about this: we then run the risk of having too much money and then becoming greedy, having the new car and new house but sinking into debt.  We are accumulating all of this ‘stuff’ while leaving no space in our lives for the things that really matter.

Here is a thought – what if life could be so much better with less??

The beautiful thing is that you don’t need to earn more money or buy a bigger house or car in order to have a better life. You need LESS of all of that, and it is attainable simply by taking a breath and cutting back.

DO LESS:  Try cutting back on your workload and commitments, on your schedule and your ‘to do’ list.  Try focusing on the things that make the highest impact in your everyday life and drop everything else.  You don’t have to go in with all guns blazing and make dramatic choices, rather go slowly, take your time in choosing the things that need to stay and things that need to go.  The result is, you will have more room in your life for other things, your time will be more effective and most importantly you will be less stressed.

HAVE LESS :  If you learn that life isn’t just about ‘stuff’ and you start enjoying the things and people around you,  you will be able to let go of all of the clutter.  Having a life with a minimal amount of clutter is so much more enjoyable and peaceful.  It leaves you feeling free, and without the stress that comes with an overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’.  Also, less focus on buying things means you will have more money, and therefore less debt.

PRODUCE LESS:  This is nonsensical to a lot of people, after all, aren’t we all trying to get things done?  To get more done?  People seem to think that producing grand amounts is great.  This is fine if you want to be all about churning things out, but not if you are concerned more about quality instead of quantity, about beauty and meaning and about having a life outside of producing.  Wouldn’t it be better to focus more on producing a better product rather than a grand product if the quality is not there??

CONSUME LESS:  This is specifically focusing on how many resources we consume, how much we eat, and how much waste we produce from our consumption. Instead of consuming, why not focus on enjoying what we have, preserving the beauty in what we have already attained and being content with what is already around us.

CONNECT ONLINE LESS:  I admit, I am one of those people who enjoys a bit of an online chat or shop, but if we aren’t careful, it can start consuming our lives a little more than what we would like.  How many of us have thought we would “pop online” just for 10 minutes, and next minute we realise it has in fact been an hour?  Try cutting back a little or disconnecting from time to time.

CONNECT WITH OTHERS AND YOUR PASSIONS MORE:  This is how your life becomes better and not worse, in living life with less.  You are connecting more with what is truly important to you – your loved ones, real people in the real world  and the things that you REALLY love doing.  You have cut things out of your life not just for the sake of cutting, but for the sake of making room for what your are really passionate about.

EDIT EDIT EDIT:  Simplifying our life is an ongoing process; we can’t just cut things out in one fell swoop and think everything is fixed.  We continually need to focus on what is essential and what is or isn’t working for us.  Think of your life as a work of art and you are the artist.  Come back to it at different times and make it beautiful again while whittling away the unnecessary things.

Life really can be better with less, if what’s left is what you love!!




Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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