Ok, so you’ve decided to do it. It’s time you’re finally going to stop smoking, exercise more, write a book, get a new job — insert your favorite goal here. You’re pumped. You’re excited. You just went out and bought all the materials that are going to help you get there, whether that be a journal, workout clothes, healthy food, nicotine patches — whathaveyou. Mentally, you are so ready. And it begins.


Day one, you are still pumped.

Day two, this is hard. But you’re determined to get there.

Day five, you’re wondering why you even decided to go down this road.


What you’re missing here is the continual motivation, the spark that’s on a slow drip into your soul. And losing that spark can turn into shame, frustration and perhaps ultimately, failure. Because, it’s too hard, it’s too big, it’s too uncomfortable and you, yourself, aren’t even sure you can do it.


What’s missing here is the continual mind set. Starting a project is easy. The prep work may keep you distracted; the excitement of telling everyone that you’re making a change is invigorating. But how can you stay motivated? Keeping it ‘full steam’ ahead is still possible with just a few of the our techniques is sure to keep you motivated and on track.


Break it down into bite sized chunks.

Anything that’s big is overwhelming. A huge mountain to climb, a gigantic pizza to eat, a home improvement project. But if you break it down it to more achievable sections, the motivation will continue and you will celebrate your successes that you achieve along the way. And those mini-success parties will fuel your fire, making you able to almost visualize how it’s going to feel when you ultimately reach your goal. This is a great way to stay motivated because it will remind you that you’re making progress, and progress is always good.


Celebrate successes.

We touched on this above: one sure way to keep you motivated is to recognise what you’ve done so far. Losing only two kilos when you want to lose 50 can seem like small potatoes. But have you ever held two kilos in your hand? It’s actually pretty impressive! So allow yourself to say, “I did that! That just fell off me and this is just the beginning.” Recognising progress will re-motivate you and propel you forward.


Realistic timeline.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. Losing 40 kilos in 4 days is obviously never going to happen. By planning it out and setting achievable deadlines you are setting yourself up for success, instead of failure. Also, have a back-up plan if you miss a deadline or regress into past behaviours. Recognise that you are human and allow yourself boundaries rather than inflexible barriers. The goal is staying motivating, not giving up.


Put yourself around like-minded people.

If you’ve been dreaming of going back to school, visit a campus. Join a group — even if it’s just online. It’s important to live the dream as much as possible. If your dream is school, perhaps it’s time to put yourself in that headspace — the studying, the courses, the tests and everything else that goes along with it.


Second, you’re not doing yourself any favors by surrounding yourself with people who don’t support your goal. That negative energy — just by association — is sure to affect your motivation. It may be painful to part ways, but if someone is tarnishing your dream, doubting your potential or not supporting you to keep you motivated, it’s hard to gain the confidence to make that step towards your ideal life.


Do it, everyday.

For this one, we mean think about it– time spent thinking about your goal. Customise, skew, edit or revise to make sure your path is truly your own. Before you fall asleep at night, do some quick visualisations of you achieving your goal. In the past you may have thought about something negative over and over again, causing you to stay up at night or even make yourself ill — that’s the power of the mind. Imagine if you used all that negative thinking and flipped it over to something positive; staying up late because you were excited to start the next day. Creating positive conversations and scenarios in your mind, instead of fretting and losing sleep.


Staying motivated isn’t always easy, even to the highly motivated. But it’s not about the sprint, it’s about the race. Break it down before you break down. You can do this, because if you couldn’t you would have never thought of it.

Keep going!



Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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