It’s Time to Listen and Look After You

Becoming a mother was one of the most important milestones that I wanted to achieve in my life. I really loved everything about it, including the whole labour experience. Don’t get me wrong there was nothing pretty or enjoyable about the pain, but I loved the excitement around it. How each time played out differently and how such an incredibly intimate moment could stop and pause your world. That overwhelming feeling of absolute relief and joy that your little bundle has arrived safely into the world. Looking down at our new baby and at my husband in total awe of what we had created, at the thought of how truly amazing the human body is and reflecting on one of life’s most magical moments.

I have 3 boys all of who challenge me tremendously some days and melt my heart others. All with different personalities they have taught me so much about myself, the person I am and the person and mother I want to be. I have found strengths in myself I never believed possible.

Being a mother isn’t easy, in fact I can honestly say I think it’s one of the toughest jobs in the world. Some day’s it’s a privilege, some days it’s a nightmare but each and every new day brings another challenge. Stretching me a little more each day. Anyone who knows me well, knows how open and honest I am about the journey of motherhood.

Amongst all of the teachings my little darlings have presented me with, I became aware that I had an underlying desire to be more, achieve more and find a career that was going to fulfill me. I feel there’s a huge belief amongst women that once they become mothers, wives / partners they throw in their own needs and put everybody else’s first. This is something I have often found myself doing, throwing away fitness, throwing away healthy eating, throwing away my time and almost throwing away me. What this taught me was that I got lost. My hopes and dreams got lost to the point where I didn’t recognise the person I used to be.

I love being a mum and wife and I couldn’t imagine not having that privilege but I very quickly realised that it was just as important to love me, and in turn my family flourished even more.

So I started to think about the fact that I loved kids, I loved learning about their milestones, the challenges and how to be the best teacher I could be. It was in this moment that I thought Kindergarten teaching would be a career that would fulfil the desire in me, to be more. So I enrolled in my first course Certificate III in Children’s Services. At this time I only had 2 children, I worked part-time and my husband worked shift work. But I knew that it was something I needed to do to keep my mind busy, to bring in a little more adult conversation into my life and to expand my knowledge.

At the time we were financially struggling and this course wasn’t cheap. It cost me $1,300, not to mention I also needed to complete 120 hours of voluntary work at a kinder all while paying for my son to be in child care. It was tough but I knew it was an investment in our future. Now there is the opportunity for mums to get financial assistance when doing further study although at the time I was not aware of it. I think it’s so incredibly important to ensure mums are moving forward to fulfil their career aspirations. What a great incentive to assist women to further develop their skills and become the women they are destined to be.

During my studies I also fell pregnant with my third son. Once he arrived I utilised being at home for study time and did so around his nap times and at times when he was happily playing on the floor beside me. As you can imagine there were times I would get totally distracted by his gorgeous smile beaming up at me as I worked away. There’s no doubt about it, studying when you have children is challenging but it’s also the perfect time to stimulate your brain so it doesn’t turn to mush AND create opportunity for you to invest in you and your families future. There’s so many career opportunities out there and so many courses that you can take to assist in getting you to where you want to be.

My Top 4 Tips:

  1.     Start with the career quiz
  2.     Drill down into the career that resonates with you
  3.     Investigate into what possible further study you may need or want to do
  4.     Take that leap of faith and invest in YOU.

Looking after your heart’s desires and filling your own cup up isn’t selfish. Let go of the mummy guilt and watch what happens when your cup is overflowing!!

By Shannyn



Is a vivacious woman, driven by her love for her family. She strives to create a life with work/life balance and knows what it is like to raise a family and want a career for herself.


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