We live in the 21st Century where women are making inroads to equality. More and more women are working, which has meant that traditional family roles have had to shift to a more equal share of duties. This has had me think about the men in our lives and the effect of equality has had on them. We should not take for granted all the good things they do to support the women in their lives and this is why I pay homage to all the great Dad’s out there.

Reason One – Great Dads Love their Children

The capacity for fathers to love, is something beautiful to behold. I remember when both my girls were born, I looked across at my husband and saw his face full with wonder and it is something I will never forget. I knew in that moment that he would always love and protect these little fragile beings and do everything in his power to see them thrive. The power of a fathers love is the motivator for why dads are so great.

Reason Two – Great Dads Support their Family

Many of us can remember our dads kicking the footy with us in the backyard or picking us up from our after school jobs, or even hassling us on our first date. Dads support us in many ways especially in the little things, that go a long way, the thankless jobs, monetary support of our education, food, a roof over our heads and most of all they support our dreams, desires and passions so we can truly be ourselves in the world. The capacity for great dads to support their loved ones has no boundaries.

Reason Three – Great Dads are Always There

When talking to the girls in the office one thing we agreed on was that our dads are always there for us no matter what. Flat tyres, break-ups, at any sign of trouble they are willing to drop everything to come to our aid.

Reason Four – Great Dads have the ability to be your friend whilst being your Dad

This is a unique quality that great dads have, the knack of giving you advice that you take on board. They offer advice as if they are a friend. They give you options and leave the ball in your court to make the decision then support what ever decision you make. Not only do they give advice but they are awesome to hang out with, you can be your authentic self with a great dad.

Reason Five – Great Dads Lead by Example

I love this one because great dads don’t flaunt their awesomeness! They get on with things and show us through their actions how to treat people, how to be a great dad and how to have healthy relationships. I know from a personal perspective I learnt from my dad how to treat people with respect through seeing first hand his interaction with others. I know also that the way my husband supports my career aspirations will teach my girls to look for a man that will treat them in the same way and if we had a son, it would have taught him how to be a great husband and father too. Great dads lead by example and as we know ‘actions speak louder than words’.

So this Father’s Day say thank you to your Great Dad’s for all your reasons he has meant alot to you. Because he has allowed you to follow your dreams and be the woman who  you are meant to be.



With a background in Retail and Banking this girl has worked at all levels of employment, from cleaning to management Rebecca has never been out of work. As a mother of two she understands the challenges women face throughout their career and adapts to whatever life throws her way.

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