So… today is the day…


The time has come for you to slowly gaze at your reflection.  That reflection, that once stood with so much confidence, happiness and positivity, now resembles a robotic human, bereft of energy, lacking passion or purpose. It’s a person you no longer recognize, as your spiritual light that once shone so brightly through your eyes, is now dimly lit in a world of fake fitness selfies and unrealistic images of perfection. For your comparisons with these fast and furious images are deeply overwhelming your mind.

The truth is, you are so tired of judging yourself and your shape with bitter unhappiness. You are unhappy with how you look and feel, and especially disappointed with the stagnancy you are experiencing in your life. Physically, mentally and spiritually bereft of any positive energy, whatsoever.

You’ve hit your own limit of excuses and complaints. You feel like you are either having a nervous breakdown, or hitting your use by date.

Then the unthinkable happens… you feel your tears well up in exasperation, and your soul suddenly cries out to the universe…

Oh God.., What is happening to me??? How have I ended up feeling this way…..why me???

Well, why NOT you?

You see, at different times in our lives, this feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked can sometimes feel like we are being crushed by a giant spiritual bulldozer. Like we are drowning in the heavy energy of the world… No matter who we are.

But I have a different terminology for this exact feeling. It is simply called… ”Change”.

Change is everywhere. It is constant. Change exists in places and things all around us, all the time. People change, the seasons change, and mother nature even promotes change, by watching over the evolvement of a caterpillar shedding its old skin, getting ready to turn into a butterfly. It is there in the shadowy steps of every breath you take, of every life decision you make, and it follows you and guides you through every obstacle or challenge that comes across your path.

So why should it be any different for you, when it comes to your health and wellbeing?

What is happening to you is that this universal call of CHANGE is finally calling out your name, introducing itself to you, and handing YOU the keys to opening up YOUR door… the sacred door to your fitness journey. Change is starting to wave its magic wand, and the universe hears your cry of prayer, and it opens up it’s opportunities for YOU.

How do I know this?

That same person looking in the mirror was me.

Over 4 years ago, I experienced a challenging growth period of change that forced me to redefine myself and my life moving forward.

Luckily, at the time, fitness came my way and I walked into a new gym and became good in a couple of classes. Push came to shove, and it wasn’t long before I was coaxed into becoming an instructor in those programs I loved and started teaching them, and my fitness journey began. For three years not only were my physical changes met… but this experience also challenged my mind, learning technique of movement, precision, teaching methods, memorizing choreography, how to motivate others and creating a purpose and atmosphere for the sessions to run smoothly.

But my actual transformation? Well it was certainly not what I’d intended it to be…

It was MORE. Way more…

Fitness taught me that:

You are at the gym to conquer yourself, and no one else… and so you must do things in LIFE to HONOR yourself, and no one else…

Try to do something that you fear most, for that is a sure sign from the universe that it is something that you are meant to do now, in order for you to become the person you really need to be…

The experience of being a motivating force for OTHERS, opened my heart up completely and caused my spiritual transformation to flourish, as the process of being a fitness professional lifted my whole entire essence of being into complete self confidence. In life, as long as you have faith and self confidence, you can conquer ANYTHING.

The way you manage your energies with other people, will dictate your ultimate happiness. If you choose a positive path, positive energy can start emanating from you like a trickle… into bigger and stronger waves, into larger beams of light radiating all around you, and what you put out comes back to you. So keep treating people with your beautiful light… they will never forget the way you made them feel…

Shine brightly,

By Nicole Salinger



Fitness, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Psychology and Metaphysics.
Through her down to earth blog, Nicole will help you rediscover yourself and your highest potential for Health, Happiness, Positivity, Self-confidence and Inner Peace.

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