Across the globe many enthusiastic networkers are attending events right now. However, most are making common errors they are not even aware of…and tomorrow they will think networking doesn’t work! Their few hours will be a good time, but mostly a waste of time. So it’s wise to spend a few minutes avoiding these common pitfalls to ensure you are networking correctly and successfully.

Mistake #1 – NFI (No Focussed Intention)

Most networkers have a vague idea of what they want and attract vague results. Ask yourself:
“How will I know specifically that the networking meeting has been a success?”
Write it down because your intention rules your outcome. So learn how to set an intention.

Mistake #2 – Not Listening, Understanding or Caring

Nobody likes people that talk your ear off.
Remember that business is about solving people’s problems.
But how can you understand their problems if you don’t ask questions and listen?
And how can you care if you don’t understand?
People won’t care about how great your offering is until they feel you care about them.

Mistake #3 – Think Bigger

Don’t just see the person in front of you. Remember that the average person has 250 contacts in their mobile phone. So think about all the other people they know.
Also, when you’re trying to help others, remember the 250 people you know too (including the people you just met at the networking event).

Mistake #4 – Selling Too Hard, Too Soon

Just like a good date, take it one step at a time. Going for the kill too soon can upset a great potential customer. The purpose of each step is to go to the next step.
Eg. A networking event gets a good introduction and business card…a business card gets a follow up email or call…this leads to a meeting to discuss further…the meeting leads to a sale if there is a match.

Mistake #5 – Not Following Up

By far the biggest mistake people make is they don’t follow up.
Schedule in time to email or call people. The sooner the better because if you leave it too late you will forget what to say and they will forget you.

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Here’s to your networking success.

By Benjamin Harvey


AUTHENTIC EDUCATION Benjamin J Harvey is a professional speaker and founder of Authentic Education (a BRW 2013 Fast Starters 100 Company). Having delivered 7,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and earning over six figures in just the first year of being certified as a coach, Ben now specializes in helping coaches live their love. Ben has been invited to speak by the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia and holds personal development workshops that blend eastern magic with western strategy. He has consulted with the largest organisations in Australia such as Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank.
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