Know your Self to Sell Yourself

When I ask my clients to tell me a little about themselves I find they struggle to come up with an answer. A common response is ‘there is not much to tell’ I challenge this response and say that everyone has a lot to say, I challenge you to look inward and see the person you really are.

Create Your Own Opportunities….

Very rarely will a fantastic opportunity land straight in your lap without you seeing it coming first. Although it seems out of the blue, often when you’re speaking to your friends and they tell you about some awesome thing that they just happened to fall into, they’ve actually done some ground work to get there, they just didn’t realise.

Should I risk it and give it my all?

I’m not a risk taker. Nope. No, sir-ee! Perhaps I’m too logical with my thinking to allow myself to do something that I know might put me in imminent danger. You’ll never catch me jumping out of a plane, stepping off a rock-cliff or strapping some elastic to my ankles and jumping off a bridge, just to test that it doesn’t break.

Money – What’s it Really Worth?

Money, money, money… they say it makes the world go around. It doesn’t bring you happiness but it sure as hell makes life a lot easier! Are you sick of the constant worry about the mounting bills versus the lack of income coming in to pay those bills? Do you feel like burying your head in the sand some days and just wishing it would go away on its own?

Smashed Eggs and a Career

OMG have you ever had a few of those crazy days at home where the kids run wild, no matter what you do to try to keep them entertained your efforts just don’t seem to have an affect on them! The day starts with sleeping in an extra half an hour, as I was up late the night before reading and soaking up some of the very rare ‘ME TIME’.

Career that makes your heart sing. See how……

I’m a wife and mum of 3 beautiful boys who are gorgeous, busy and testing all in one. So how did a journey begin from Mum to Career? I had different hopes and dreams as a child but in my teen years all I really wanted to achieve in life was to build a house, get married and have kids.