Keeping Your Hands Dirty to Stay in the Game

We’ve all been there… Either as an employee, manager or business owner; where we think we are doing everything well and we believe our methods are unquestionable. What have we got to lose if we sit back for a minute, take a deep breath and look at what is going on...

Write a Job Winning Cover Letter

First impressions; yes, we all have them. Even though we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, we all do it to some degree anyway. A cover letter is your crucial first impression on a potential employer, so it needs to be fabulous. It needs to knock their socks off. It needs to get your foot in the door.

How to quit your job the right way

If you’ve decided to quit a job, no doubt you’ve thought about it a lot. You’re being mistreated or perhaps the job isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe it’s just time to move on and you’re exploring new opportunities. Or maybe your boss is just…

4 Steps to Work, Life Balance

This is a common struggle that so many women have. We all aim for WLB (Work, Life, Balance), but is it possible? Some of us may try without success to have a good WLB and I am sure some of us are very successful at it. Me? Sometimes I feel like I have WLB and sometimes I feel like..

Top 3 Ways to not get a Job

Do’s and don’ts. The world is full of them. And no matter if we’re talking about fashion or etiquette, obviously it’s better to be a do than a don’t. But are there do’s and don’ts when it comes to interviewing for a job?

5 Tips to Training

When you choose to stay home and raise your children, there is a lot of time you are left with to think. You find yourself reflecting on where you have been and where you would like to see yourself in the future. You have many conversations with other mums that are centred around, when, where and…

3 Steps to handle criticism

One of the greatest fears that we all have in common is the fear of being criticised. It can be the primary reason why people don’t like to speak in public, talk in meetings, even post something on social media sites– all because we’re afraid of what people will say, afraid of how this will……

Colours to wear for an interview

In today’s job market in which companies might interview dozens of potential clients for one position, first impressions are more important than ever! One important and often overlooked aspect of an interviewee’s first impression is colour. The colour of your clothing sends a ….