My journey of living with depression

Almost twelve months ago, I was diagnosed with depression.

That is the first time I have ever just said it as it is, without feeling like I had to justify it. I suffer with depression. And, let me tell you, it’s hard. In January 2014 (I know it was the 25th because I previously liked to admonish myself with remembering the day I fell apart) I went to see the doctor.

So this is what turning 40 is like!

Well it’s finally here, the big 40, this is what 40 looks and feels like, this is the day when my life is going to begin, well that’s what they say anyway. I have been waiting for this day for probably the last year. I know I’m suppose to dread everything about turning 40, but in some strange way, I don’t.

Smashed Eggs and a Career

OMG have you ever had a few of those crazy days at home where the kids run wild, no matter what you do to try to keep them entertained your efforts just don’t seem to have an affect on them! The day starts with sleeping in an extra half an hour, as I was up late the night before reading and soaking up some of the very rare ‘ME TIME’.