Strengths? What Strengths!!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? What are my strengths? What skills do I have? What am I good at doing?
Take a minute and think about these questions…..Do you have the answers?….Well, if you’re anything like me or countless other women around the world, you won’t.

The way to unwind, chill or relax.

Chill without the Pill: The way to unwind
“Have a glass of wine. It will relax you.” “These may make you have weird dreams, but you’ll sleep.” “You just need to get away and relax. Go on vacation!” Three coping mechanisms, three different suggestions. But which one of these actually works when it comes to chilling out?

9 Steps to Be the Best You Can Be

No one is perfect, certainly not me, but I think we all strive at some time or another in our life to achieve a certain level of satisfaction in being the best you can be. This can mean different things for different people. For me it is being kind hearted and caring for my fellow human beings, for others it is ….

How to stay motivated

Ok, so you’ve decided to do it. It’s time you’re finally going to stop smoking, exercise more, write a book, get a new job — insert your favorite goal here. You’re pumped. You’re excited. You just went out and bought all the materials that are going to help you get there, whether that be a journal, workout clothes, healthy….

What have you failed at today? You’re lucky!

Since we were all kids we may have been taught that failing was bad. Failing a spelling test? Boy, are you going to be in trouble. Flunking your driver’s exam? Loser! But what if we all looked at failing in a different way. No doubt you remember your failures, right? We all do. That time you didn’t….

Are you always racing against time?

As a full-time, working, single parent, I find there are often two things that I severely lack; time and money (though it was tempting to write patience instead of money). I truly struggle to balance my time effectively and ensure that I have time for both my work and my child.

My journey of living with depression

Almost twelve months ago, I was diagnosed with depression.

That is the first time I have ever just said it as it is, without feeling like I had to justify it. I suffer with depression. And, let me tell you, it’s hard. In January 2014 (I know it was the 25th because I previously liked to admonish myself with remembering the day I fell apart) I went to see the doctor.

9 Steps to Shut Down When It’s Time to Sleep

We are all extremely busy, whether we are working, home making, or trying to juggle it all. Gone are the days of our mothers, when they had certain days to do their household chores, and had one designated day in which they went down the street to complete shopping and errands – WOW can you imagine ….

3 Steps for more confidence!

Confidence is a big thing. In fact, it’s everything. It affects your relationships, it determines who your friends are but most importantly, it determines who you are and how you feel about yourself.Confidence is about figuring out who you are. Your insights are developing and growing;