What to do when someone is mean to you

When I was at school, boys always seemed to be mean. They’d tease me incessantly about any number of things – one even went to the extreme of putting itchy powder down my back on a regular basis. When I would ask my mother why they would do this, she would simply tell me that it was because they ‘liked’ me.

The Pursuit of Happiness

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is a phrase that is used often. Most famously it is a phrase written in history as part of the American Declaration of Independence, so even in 1776 the writers of this historical document could recognize the importance of being happy and that everyone has a right to search or pursue their happiness.

Overwhelm to Ruling life with Confidence

At 40 years of age, after having had four gorgeous kids and having worked twenty-two years in the same industry, at the same location, I found myself completely mind-numbed and at a point in my life where I had to take charge and make change. In the lead up to this point, I had spent seventeen months in ‘hibernation’…..

Me, Myself and I – finding my place in the world

When I first heard about this new program ‘Career Change Happens’ that Maria was working on, the first thought that entered my mind was, ‘this is exactly what I need right now, this is perfect timing.’ I couldn’t wait to get started. Then the doubts crept in, I started to question how is this going to work? How will this help me get my dream job?

Be Kinder to Yourself

Where do you begin to tell your story? I am a full-time single mother to a challenging, boisterous, lovely young (almost) 8 year old lad. Remembering my life Before Child (BC) seems such a distant memory. I was, what my younger brother called, a square at school. I am very competitive with myself and loved to push myself to continue to do better in everything that I did.

Smashed Eggs and a Career

OMG have you ever had a few of those crazy days at home where the kids run wild, no matter what you do to try to keep them entertained your efforts just don’t seem to have an affect on them! The day starts with sleeping in an extra half an hour, as I was up late the night before reading and soaking up some of the very rare ‘ME TIME’.