Why do I Hate my Job?

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with a prospect to talk about coaching and I asked her, “How did you learn about me?” Her response made me laugh. She said she Googled, “Why do I hate my job” There was a time in my life when I asked this same question. Why do I hate my job so much? Why am I so miserable? In fact, these questions sparked my own career makeover and the development of the Career Sweet-Spot model.

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Be Authentic to be Magnetic!

A lot of our life is wasted trying to be someone else. Growing up we are told to be this way or that – usually more or less than we are most naturally. Our parents and teachers urge us to be more respectful or less talkative. Later, as teenagers, we try on several identities… the Geek, the Athlete, the Rebel… searching for the perfect fit. As adults, though we’ve settled on a pattern of behavior, we are still making adjustments trying to be more successful or more lovable.

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3 Survival Tips to Endure the Waiting Period between Jobs

One of the most common and stressful situations we can find ourselves in is quitting a job or being laid off, and then finding that it takes 3 months or longer before a suitable position comes up. When my family first arrived in Australia, it took nearly 6 months before my husband was fortunate enough to be offered a position that fit his skill sets and experience. With a four-year-old and a baby due, our savings dwindled quickly with rent, a second-hand car, and relocation expenses as we established our new lives.

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Goddess Kali: of Destruction & Creation

One week before the Earthquake, I found myself in a village, west of Pokhara, with my Nepali friend. We went for a lovely walk and he pointed out the Kali river. At that moment I recalled my small amount of knowledge on the Goddess Kali (a Hindu Goddess) and remembered that she was the goddess of destruction and creation.

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How to Change Your Life RADICALLY!

Everyone knows you can make small changes to your life over time.
But what if you don’t want to wait?
If you’re either:
A super high achiever that wants it all NOW, or
You’re so dis-satisfied with areas of your life and want massive change NOW!
Then the strategy that gets you quick and massive results needs to be vastly different.
For example, if you want to totally transform your health and weight, eating 1 less Tim Tam a night won’t do it.
Here are the 3 things you will need…

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Do I Have to Know My Purpose?

Do I have to know my purpose?
Do I really need absolute certainty in what my purpose is before I go out there and start taking the necessary actions to live the most fulfilling life possible?
Confused? I was recently running a seminar down in Melbourne and I had a good fortune speaking with a lady who’s in the audience, and she mentioned to me that she’d been sitting at home for well over 3 years virtually immobilized by the fact that she didn’t have unquestionable certainty, and unstoppable determination with absolute – the most highest level of vision and mission possible, and as a result of that she wasn’t able to move any way.

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Gender Equality for Women

The debate around gender equality in the workforce has been a long standing one. Even though opportunities for women have come a long way since the 1950’s there are still some in roads to be made within relation to the representation of women in the workforce and the... read more