You are sitting across from one of your best mates at dinner. “So, next week we have this big project due and it’s been so great working on this team,” he begins.

“Uh-huh,” you nod.

“It’s really challenging but I tell you what — if we land this client, it could mean big things for me. Big things.”

You nod, but really have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s just a job, right?

“I really feel lucky to be a part of this company. I can’t wait to get to work everyday. Is that weird?” he laughs.

Yes, it’s very weird! You think to yourself.

What’s going on? Do people actually like their jobs? Just last week your sister was talking about how fun her job was. And you just read on Facebook that your old co-worker just landed the job of his dreams. Is it just you — or is everyone else really into their careers?

Maybe. Or maybe they are just saying they are. Either way, if you are noticing a lot of pro-job talk lately it could mean that you’re just more tuned into it because you’re not in love with what you do.

Perhaps you’ve had an awareness about your level of job satisfaction and now it’s at top of mind.

Let’s just ask the question: What has happened that has caused you to become more aware of people’s job satisfaction? Was there an incident at work? Or are you just realizing that where you are isn’t where you want to be?

It’s just like when you’ve decided to buy a certain type of car. Then all of a sudden, you see that car everywhere. The awareness has been made, and now it’s all that you see. Similar to when you’re single, it seems like everyone is a couple; or when you’re trying to get pregnant, how many pregnant ladies you see at the grocers.

The best thing about hearing that everyone loves their job is that now you see it: either you don’t love where you are or you do. And if you do, good. You’ve just realized that you are one of the few who love their jobs and, no doubt are good at what they do.

And believe it or not it’s also good news that you’ve realized that you don’t love your job. Because now you can do something about it. You are aware and therefore you can decide to do something about it.

Of course, doing something about it means that you actually have to break routine. There’s something comfortable about knowing how every single day of your life is going to go, even if you know its going to be a boring day, a bad day, a long drive. With change comes difference in what you’re used to and that can make you feel anxious or unsettled. Now is the time to decide if you want to be comfortable and unhappy or uncomfortable and happy, knowing that soon you’ll be accusomed to the new routine and be comfortable — as you are now.

There’s a lot to be done once deciding that it’s time for a change. But the biggest most important part is reaching that decision. So if hearing that your best mate has the job he loves has made you realise you deserve that love too, congratulations. You’ve just had one of those moments that could be life changing.



As Founder of Career Change Happens and Find Your Calling, Maria has had years of experience in the world of Cognitive Behavioural Conditioning, and personal and professional development. Her intense passion for supporting others in making their dreams a reality has helped thousands of people clarify and move into positive futures.

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