The Importance of Communicating Who You are to Land a Job

When I ask my clients to tell me a little about themselves I find they struggle to come up with an answer. A common response is ‘there is not much to tell’ I challenge this response and say that everyone has a lot to say, I challenge you to look inward and see the person you really are.

People are uncomfortable with talking about themselves in a positive light. Why is this?? Is it due to low self-esteem, lack of practice, or a misconception that if we speak highly of ourselves we may be perceived as arrogant.  Regardless of the reasons employers ask this question so they can;

  • Relate to You
  • See what You Value
  • Gage whether You would be a Good Fit for their Business
  • Measure Your Confidence and Communication Skills

If you are unsure of what you value then think of something you love, admire, inspire or motivates you. We all have something, I value loyalty, I am staunchly loyal to my friends and will be the first to defend them, even at times been ridiculed for it. I also love my home and take pride in decorating it and making it a safe haven for myself and my family. I am a visual person for me to relax I need to be in a visually appealing space. It is a sanctuary to recharge our batteries. Many of you will identify with my values and many of you will not, but this is who I am and because I know this I can easily answer; Tell me a little about yourself?

  • My name is Rebecca I am a mum of two beautiful girls and I value loyalty and take pride in creating a home that is warm and friendly.

It doesn’t have to be a long response but do you see how my response speaks volumes of who I authentically are in the world. Most interviewers will relate to loyalty and can assume if they employ me that I will be loyal to their business and create an environment that will be warm and friendly to their customers and team, and finally see that I am confident in myself and willing to communicate and share with others even a room full of strangers. When your interviewer relates to your response it opens up an open and more relaxed dialogue, they may respond with ‘why do you value loyalty?’ or ‘what sought of house do you live in?’ or ‘we value loyalty as well and I am so glad you do to!’ If you answer the question with ‘there is not much to tell,’ do you see how you get nowhere in an interview and a prospective employer does not get a sense of who you are and cannot gage whether you would be a good fit for their business.

Taking this into consideration should help you answer this with confidence. When I help my clients discover words to describe themselves a wonderful thing happens they gain confidence and begin to truly believe in themselves and understand the value of them being in the world and what they have that is valuable to those around them. The flow on effect is that many of them gain renewed energy and motivation. Once you believe and trust yourself you tend to answer this question with conviction and are more likely to make good eye contact and hold yourself higher, your body physically will respond to your emotion attached to your response. You will automatically sit forward, your posture will change you will be perceived as being genuine.

So take stock of yourself, look inward, open your eyes, look at the possibilities and see what you can truly offer the world. You are someone worth knowing so let people know who you are.



With a background in Retail and Banking this girl has worked at all levels of employment, from cleaning to management Rebecca has never been out of work. As a mother of two she understands the challenges women face throughout their career and adapts to whatever life throws her way.

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