If you’ve decided to quit a job, no doubt you’ve thought about it a lot. You’re being mistreated or perhaps the job isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe it’s just time to move on and you’re exploring new opportunities. Or maybe your boss is just a jerk and you can’t wait to not see their face every day. Nonetheless, you’ve decided it’s time to part ways.

And just like it took time, effort and talent to get that job in the first place, it’s important to go out the same way. While it may be tempting to exit dramatically and make your true feelings known, it’s often unresourceful and could come back to bite you in the end. 

When it comes to quitting, we suggest these four ways to exit gracefully:

  1. Go out on a high note.

Instead of giving your notice during a particularly hectic time at work, (for instance, in the middle of a project or right before a big event), try to wait until things die down. Everyone will be happy that the project is complete and may be more open to hearing that you’re exploring new paths.

  1. Accentuate the positive.

So the meeting is scheduled, you’re giving your notice today. When citing reasons why you’re moving on to greener pastures, make sure to be thankful and appreciative of the opportunity to work there and make sure to note what you’ve learned in your role with the company and how it has made you a more well-rounded person or employee. Remember, there is extreme value in having good work references, and though you may feel like tossing insults around, it’s not wise. Save your true feelings for after work when venting with friends. Remember, even when you’re quitting, you’re still on the clock.

  1. It’s not them, it’s you.

Even if the reason why you are leaving is your boss, a co worker or simply because you don’t like the work, try to leave that part out. Instead, focus on you — you are moving on because you feel you’re ready for a bigger challenge, you found a new job that better suits where you want to be in five years. Telling someone that you’re leaving because of them or their shoddy company is only going to make you look bad. Remember, your new job may not work out either. You’re going to need this person’s glowing recommendation at some point.

  1. Dial direct.

Don’t tell your co-workers you’re quitting without telling your boss first. Spreading an office rumor is never a classy move, even when you have your sights on the door. Though you may be bursting with excitement that the end is near, keep your mouth shut and schedule a meeting with your manager. Once you’ve had the meeting with your manager, then feel free to spread the good news that you’ve given your notice. But just like breaking up with a romantic partner, your boss would rather hear it directly from you, not from a friend of a friend.

And P.S.; quit in person. Unless your job has been primarily done via email, phone or SKYPE, it’s best to see eye-to-eye when you’re severing a working relationship. It shows that the job was important to you and you respect your boss and the company. In return for a little respect you could walk away with a positive endorsement…and your final paycheck.

 by Kelly



Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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