Do’s and don’ts. The world is full of them. And no matter if we’re talking about fashion or etiquette, obviously it’s better to be a do than a don’t. But are there do’s and don’ts when it comes to interviewing for a job?

When it comes to interviewing there are just certain things you do and don’t do. And while we can think of about 150 don’ts when it comes to interviewing, we’ve compiled our top three don’ts that will never, ever, ever get you a second interview.

NUMBER 3 – Showing up late.

Why don’t you just walk into the room and say, “Have you noticed that I’m 25 minutes late? Yeah, this is just about how I operate every single day of my life and pretty much what you can expect if you hire me so. Deal with it.”

In our books, there’s nothing quite as bad as wasting someone’s time. This one, simple bad move tells us that:

  • you have better things to do
  • you have no respect for our schedule
  • you are fine with making people wait
  • you don’t care about the interview
  • it’s not important to you
  • you aren’t a team player
  • you think you are more important than we are
  • you won’t get as much stuff done because you aren’t here to do the stuff in the first place

In fact, cancelling the interview is better than showing up late. If you think you’re not going to make it on time due to traffic, schedules or circumstance, cancel the interview all together and reschedule for a time when you can actually show up on time. You still may have a fighting chance.

NUMBER 2 – Being unprepared.

You absolutely should know the name of the company you are interviewing for, what they do/sell/provide, know their competitors and know where this company is located.

If you don’t know the name of the company, you don’t look intelligent. If you don’t know what they do there, it appears as if you are shooting off your resume into completely blackness and you don’t care where your resume lands. If you don’t know their competitors, you don’t know what edge (or lack of edge) they have in the marketplace. And lastly, if you don’t know where this company is physically located and where you are interviewing, you are going to be late, lost and ultimately appear unorganized. And we’ve never seen a job posting that says: Seeking disorganized, tardy, uninformed professional… have you?

And the number one thing you can do to not get a job is…

NUMBER 1 – Applying for a job that you aren’t qualified for.

Applying for a job that is out of your range is clearly a waste of time. And if by some chance you do get a job interview for that position, within minutes it will become apparent that you don’t have the skillset required for that job and the person interviewing you will not appreciate you wasting their time.

Be realistic when applying for work. We’re not saying don’t apply for jobs that are the next step up. Simply, apply for jobs that you know you can do based on the work that you have done. You can apply for — and secure — that job upgrade by clearly demonstrating that you’re ready for new challenges and have the skills and fresh approach to take that next step up head on.



Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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