This is a common struggle that so many women have. We all aim for WLB (Work, Life, Balance), but is it possible?  Some of us may try without success to have a good WLB and I am sure some of us are very successful at it. Me? Sometimes I feel like I have WLB and sometimes I feel like I have no balance at all.  I have a very bad habit of reading and answering work emails at any time of the day and night (I have been known to send emails at 2.30am when I am unable to sleep). I check them on weekends, in the car (shhh don’t tell anyone but I even check them on the toilet!) and when I am on holidays.  Recently I have tried to not be on my phone as much.  To be in the moment, completely.  I have realised that if something needs doing then it will get done even if it is not NOW. That includes housework, unfortunately,  as that is something I put off until tomorrow and as we all know….tomorrow never comes.

I have started a Diploma and I don’t even attempt to study while my 7 year old is up.  Once he is in bed I can usually manage a couple of hours a night before going to bed.  As my husband works away it also gives me something to do to keep the loneliness at bay.  I go through times where I feel like I am in control and times when I feel like I am completely out of control but I realise I have to be kind to myself and not beat myself up when things feel out of control.  We are all women, but we are not Superwomen!  We are allowed to have good days and bad days.  Embrace them both.

Here are some tips to help get that work, life, balance.

  1. Have some “me” time:
    • Even if it is half an hour reading before bed or getting up half an hour before everyone else to sit and have a coffee in the quiet of the early morning or watch the new sunrise without distraction.
  2. Ensure that you make time to relax:
    • If you are lucky enough to be able to have a house cleaner then embrace it. Don’t feel guilty because you are not superwomen. Coming home from a full day of work to a clean house is the best feeling.
    • If you live in a larger town and can order groceries or shop for necessities or gifts online from the comfort of your home then do it.
    • Make use of your slow cooker.  It saves a lot of time when you get home tired from work.
  3. Be in the present:
    • Ensure that when you are with your family you are in the NOW, don’t mentally write your shopping list in your head or plan your work week.
  4. Manage stress:
    • Definitely learn to not stress over things that you can’t change or things that haven’t happened yet.  This is not always easy to do but I have found it actually works.  If I start to stress over something I ask myself if my stressing will change anything and 99% of the time it will not.
    • Go for a walk at lunchtime with a work colleague.  This will not only give you a bit of exercise but will also refresh you for the afternoon.

So from personal experience I think that it is possible to have a work, life, balance most of the time.




Narelle is a full time working mother of 3 adult daughters (two still live at home) and an 8 year old son who keeps her on her toes. She is currently completing a Diploma of Event Management in her spare time and loves learning new things that will enhance her life, now and in the future.

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