At the age of 37 I look back on my working life from when I was a young adult to now, and there may have been opportunities to sleep with my boss to advance my career, but it never crossed my mind.

The big screen and the small screen over the years have portrayed many stories where both women and men have slept with their boss. You only need to look at ‘Love Actually’, ‘The Proposal’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (my favourite) to name a few, they are the shows and movies that have us glued to the screen waiting to see what happens next. Will they fall in love? Will they gain a promotion? Or will it ruin them completely?

The initial question I ask when reflecting on this is why? What is the attraction to sleeping with your boss? An article I came across while researching for this blog stated that 15% of women sleep with their bosses and 37% are promoted for it.

So is promotion the aim for women who sleep with their boss? Possibly! There are many reasons that this occurs, the attraction to power and money, the challenge, a confidence boost and of course to get a better job.

I would describe myself as always being a very career driven ambitious young lady (yes I still think I am young!) and in some situations the ‘easy’ way to climb the ladder to the top would be to sleep your way there, but at what cost? For me the cost is my self-worth and pride.

Having worked my way into senior managerial positions for the past 10 years I have developed a few tips which will ‘help you get to the top without sleeping with your boss’.

  1. Learn everything you can

It is important when you start in a position with a company that you learn your role as quickly as possible; you want to make a good impression after all. When I say learn everything you can, I don’t just mean in your role, I mean learn as much about other roles in the company as well. Attend every bit of professional development offered to you. This will increase your worth within the company as well as create you as the go to person for a variety of tasks.

  1. Go above and beyond

This does not mean ‘sleeping with your boss’. This is putting your hand up for tasks (inside your capability) that would not normally sit in your role. This could include assisting a colleague in the completion of their overdue tasks, assisting your boss on a project, offering your assistance wherever needed. Make sure that you are not over committing and working yourself 24/7, be realistic about what you can do.

  1. Back yourself

I would not have reached the highs in my career if I didn’t put myself forward and backed myself. When I was in an area manager role years ago and a colleague of mine left, I went straight to my boss and said that I can take on the management of the entire state (don’t get me wrong, in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘how am I going to do this’), my boss agreed and I was given the promotion to a state manager role. Take risks, if you don’t put yourself forward no one will.

I am still ambitious and still working to conquer my newest challenge, so I can hold my head up high and know that I have taken the path to success with integrity, after all, being a surgical intern and hooking up with McDreamy is a little out of my reach!



Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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