Sometimes we listen to songs and don’t think about the words, we just sing along. Sometimes we make up our own lyrics to the music. When we do listen to the words we place our own meaning on what the song is about, we relate it to our own life and circumstances at the time.

Many years ago after a 6 year relationship failed I found myself in my car driving to my parents place two hours away, upset, down on the world and singing loudly, and quite badly, to ‘Do you believe’ by Cher. I was sure that this song was written for me and my situation… ‘Do you believe in life after love’

Music is very powerful and anchors us into different emotions based on our memories and experiences, songs can also uplift us and provide the motivation and inspiration we need in a given moment.

So how did Bon Jovi get it right? As a huge Bon Jovi fan I have been playing his songs for years. When I get the chance, and a karaoke machine is around, I will be the one selecting a Bon Jovi ballad and recruiting friends to sing with me. His music makes me feel good.

When I look at his songs and lyrics there are some life changing quotes, which we could all adopt.

It’s My Life

Bon_Jovi_its_my_lifeThe title says it all. It is your life and it is up to you what you do with it. It is about living in the now, ‘It’s now or never’. ‘I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd you’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud’. Be heard, don’t hide behind anyone, you have the power to go out and get the life you deserve!

Have a Nice Day

Bon_Jovi1We all have times where it seems like the world is working against us. ‘When the world keeps trying to drag me down, gotta raise my hands, gonna stand my ground’, this is a powerful statement, it is saying you need to rise above the negative influences in your life and stand tall.

No Apologies

Bon_Jovi2Don’t be afraid to do what you want and follow your dreams to better your life, you don’t need to apologise for this even if others in your life do not agree. ‘Take a chance sometimes it’s all you need’, take risks to achieve your dreams, they may just pay off!

Livin’ on a Prayer

Bon_Jovi3Anything to do with Bon Jovi is not complete until ’Livin’ on a prayer’ gets a mention. The perfect karaoke song! It also has some powerful messages about love and taking risks. ‘Take my hand we’ll make it I swear’, can relate to all areas of our lives, when we have someone on our journey supporting us to achieve our goals and dreams it becomes a lot more achievable, this could be a partner, family or friends. You don’t always have to do it alone. ‘It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not’, and it really doesn’t. If you take a risk and it doesn’t work, at least you tried, you gave it a go and you will become a better person for it.

Living life according to Bon Jovi is quite motivating and inspiring, give it a go! Take risks, rise above the negative, follow your dreams, after all ‘IT’S YOUR LIFE, IT’S NOW OR NEVER’!





Kelly’s extensive 14 year experience in the employment industry has positioned her as a trusted expert in career development and business relations. This woman is driven to succeed, inspiring everyone around her to rise to any challenge put before them.

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