With the Australian Government Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2014 statistics showing women earning 17.5% less than men working full-time, women may need to consider jobs that offer competitive incomes with their male counterparts. According to CareerCast.com and Business Insider, there are some jobs that are becoming growth industries for women with low pay gaps between men and women. Here is the list of the top 11 jobs that women might consider when deciding what job would suit them best.

  1.    Actuary

Actuaries evaluate risk and opportunities for a wide range of business problems, using mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis.


Average Income: $53,829-$175,086 AUD annually


  1.    Advertising and Promotion Manager (Marketing Manager)

Marketing Managers promote either clients or a company’s products and services by marketing existing products, developing new products, or developing markets for new products and services.


Average Income: $50,323-$123,038 AUD annually


  1.    Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineers apply engineering and scientific principles to solve problems in medicine and life science fields.


Average Income: $45,347-$101,731 AUD annually


  1.    Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists help patients and groups prevent and control oral diseases through educational and therapeutic practices.


Average Income: $53,262-$116,907 AUD annually


  1.    Educational Administrator (Teacher)

Teachers are responsible for ensuring the school curriculum is taught to Primary and Secondary school students and oversee the day to day operations of a school.



Average Income: $44,550-$88,958 AUD annually Secondary Teacher

$38,801-$80,058 AUD annually Primary Teacher


  1.    Event Planner (Events Coordinator)

Events Coordinators plan and organise special events such as parties, wedding receptions, product launches, banquets, meetings, conferences and conventions.


Average Income: $36,172-$65,889 AUD annually


  1.    Human Resources Manager (Officers)

Human Resources Managers provide administration support for the recruitment and employment management of staff.


Average Income: $55,717-$134,245 AUD annually


  1.    Market Research Analyst

Market Researchers collect and analyse data to assist with marketing and to determine if a product or service has a demand or not.


Average Income: $40,824-$86,476 AUD annually


  1.    Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists assess and assist people who have acquired an illness, injury or circumstance that has affected their ability to undertake everyday activities. They assist people to regain lost functions, develop their social skills and maintain and promote independence in their everyday lives to enhance health and wellbeing.


Average Income: $44,937-$79,811 AUD annually


  1.   Public Relations Manager (Officer)

Public Relations Officers plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies that an organisation to the public, clients or stakeholders. They also promote good information flow within an organisation.


Average Income: $37,223-$75,095 AUD annually


  1.   Statistician

Statisticians design and apply statistical techniques for creating, collecting and analysing data and draw conclusion to inform decision making and policy within areas such as science, technology, medicine, education, business, finance and government.


Average Income: $51,355-$118,081 AUD annually

So I hope one of these jobs speaks to you and takes you on a new career journey.



With a background in Retail and Banking this girl has worked at all levels of employment, from cleaning to management Rebecca has never been out of work. As a mother of two she understands the challenges women face throughout their career and adapts to whatever life throws her way.

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