Gender Equality for Women

The debate around gender equality in the workforce has been a long standing one. Even though opportunities for women have come a long way since the 1950’s there are still some in roads to be made within relation to the representation of women in the workforce and the...

Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Over the years I have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a coaching and training capacity. During this time I noticed there was a trend with the entrepreneurs that failed. Their common weaknesses were that they didn’t know how to sell nor were they willing to learn.

Keeping Your Hands Dirty to Stay in the Game

We’ve all been there… Either as an employee, manager or business owner; where we think we are doing everything well and we believe our methods are unquestionable. What have we got to lose if we sit back for a minute, take a deep breath and look at what is going on...

4 Steps to Work, Life Balance

This is a common struggle that so many women have. We all aim for WLB (Work, Life, Balance), but is it possible? Some of us may try without success to have a good WLB and I am sure some of us are very successful at it. Me? Sometimes I feel like I have WLB and sometimes I feel like..

3 Steps to handle criticism

One of the greatest fears that we all have in common is the fear of being criticised. It can be the primary reason why people don’t like to speak in public, talk in meetings, even post something on social media sites– all because we’re afraid of what people will say, afraid of how this will……

Values Smackdown

What’s important to you? Your job title says it all! Values, just the word alone carries weight to it. It feels big. If a piece of real estate property has “tremendous value,” that means it’s worth a lot of money and it’s in high demand. The word “value” is also used when talking about savings — “Small cost, big value.”

Everyone else seems to love their job, so why don’t you?

You are sitting across from one of your best mates at dinner. “So, next week we have this big project due and it’s been so great working on this team,” he begins. “Uh-huh,” you nod. “It’s really challenging but I tell you what — if we land this client, it could mean big things for me. Big things.” You nod, but really have no idea what he’s talking about. It’s just a job, right?

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat – breaking the monotony of life

My name is Narelle and this is my story and how Career Change Happens changed my life. Wake up, shower, go to work, come home, go to bed. Wake up, shower, go to work, come home, go to bed… Day in and day out my life was repeating itself, I was in a major rut. I was alive but I wasn’t living. My life was stagnat and even though I felt I should be happy, I wasn’t.