Dealing with annoying co-workers

Can’t stand your co-workers? Hate your cube-mate? Dealing with annoying co-workers can be hard. If you stop and think about it your co-workers are a lot like family. You love them, you hate them. They drive you crazy, they make you laugh. They blame you for things, you blame them for things. But what’s different between

How to prove your job is worth a raise

Some might say you’re lucky to even have a job. It’s tough out there right now and for some, finding a job has taken longer than expected. But you’re one of the lucky ones — you have a job, and love it or hate it — it’s a job that’s paying the bills. But still you’re not happy. You think you should be earning more for what you do, for how faithful you are, for how well you do your job. Is it possible to ask for a raise during a bad economy?