Be Authentic to be Magnetic!

A lot of our life is wasted trying to be someone else. Growing up we are told to be this way or that – usually more or less than we are most naturally. Our parents and teachers urge us to be more respectful or less talkative. Later, as teenagers, we try on several identities… the Geek, the Athlete, the Rebel… searching for the perfect fit. As adults, though we’ve settled on a pattern of behavior, we are still making adjustments trying to be more successful or more lovable.

Poverty Mentality; Illusions that Paralyses Dreams

My mother grew up in the 60’s with a migrant family from the UK. She was one of twelve children and from the time she was born (10th child in a family of 4 girls and 8 boys) she had entered into a world of uncertainty and financial struggle. A pattern, that became part of her belief system, and ultimately, became part of how she viewed her world.

When is it time to ask for help?

Up until eighteen months ago, I’d always considered myself to be strong. Nothing phased me. I’d been through things considered to be the worst life events and come through with flying colours, or so I thought. I’ve experienced things in my life that people older than...

Spiritual fitness and healthy body image – a message to our daughters

Every Friday morning at my local gym, there exists a gathering of women. Mothers, uni students, teenagers, coming together to exercise our brains out in a unique class called Body Combat. This is a female experience like no other, for as we chit chat with each other like we are at a monumental social event, we are also pulling our boxing gloves on, adjusting our ponytails, and quickly downing our last bit of caffeine… as we are about to fight the biggest fight of our life…

Career Quiz

We calculate a list of perfect career opportunities that specifically align to your personality, as well as detailed insight into how you like to function at your most subconscious level. This information allows you to better understand the choices you make and the direction you’d like to go. Once you’ve completed the quiz you’ll receive your results and a…

Strengths? What Strengths!!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? What are my strengths? What skills do I have? What am I good at doing?
Take a minute and think about these questions…..Do you have the answers?….Well, if you’re anything like me or countless other women around the world, you won’t.

How to manage self-talk

There’s a voice in the back of my head – if I’m honest, it sounds like my mother – and it’s my barometer. If I’m about to step outside of my comfort zone, that little voice isn’t so little anymore; it’s akin to the pre-match entertainment at the Grand Final. It screams at me. That voice, my self-talk, has the ability to quickly talk me out

Why Bon Jovi got it right!

Sometimes we listen to songs and don’t think about the words, we just sing along. Sometimes we make up our own lyrics to the music. When we do listen to the words we place our own meaning on what the song is about, we relate it to our own

How to quit your job the right way

If you’ve decided to quit a job, no doubt you’ve thought about it a lot. You’re being mistreated or perhaps the job isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe it’s just time to move on and you’re exploring new opportunities. Or maybe your boss is just…