The Formula for Success

I have good news and bad news. First the bad news: you can’t do it all. That long to-do list you have staring at you? Working harder, longer and more frantically will not help you get all your boxes checked. The reason is because more tasks, more responsibilities, and more activities keep piling on. But the harder you try to do everything, the more frustrated you become.

The way to unwind, chill or relax.

Chill without the Pill: The way to unwind
“Have a glass of wine. It will relax you.” “These may make you have weird dreams, but you’ll sleep.” “You just need to get away and relax. Go on vacation!” Three coping mechanisms, three different suggestions. But which one of these actually works when it comes to chilling out?

4 Steps to Work, Life Balance

This is a common struggle that so many women have. We all aim for WLB (Work, Life, Balance), but is it possible? Some of us may try without success to have a good WLB and I am sure some of us are very successful at it. Me? Sometimes I feel like I have WLB and sometimes I feel like..

Top 3 Ways to not get a Job

Do’s and don’ts. The world is full of them. And no matter if we’re talking about fashion or etiquette, obviously it’s better to be a do than a don’t. But are there do’s and don’ts when it comes to interviewing for a job?

Do more with less

It is a sign of the times that we are all racing around, trying to juggle home life, careers and family. The more we have to do the more stressed we become – sound familiar?? Let’s take a step out of the box and try downscaling – declutter and focus on the things that are really important to us.

Are you always racing against time?

As a full-time, working, single parent, I find there are often two things that I severely lack; time and money (though it was tempting to write patience instead of money). I truly struggle to balance my time effectively and ensure that I have time for both my work and my child.

Expand your Knowledge and Achieve your Goals

It was on a cold winter night in early June 2014, a Monday I think, that I took a step that changed my life. It took me from merely existing to LIVING, from being mostly sad to being HAPPY and EXCITED about my life. EXCITED for the future, EXCITED for what each day will bring and mostly…

9 Steps to Shut Down When It’s Time to Sleep

We are all extremely busy, whether we are working, home making, or trying to juggle it all. Gone are the days of our mothers, when they had certain days to do their household chores, and had one designated day in which they went down the street to complete shopping and errands – WOW can you imagine ….