3 Survival Tips to Endure the Waiting Period between Jobs

One of the most common and stressful situations we can find ourselves in is quitting a job or being laid off, and then finding that it takes 3 months or longer before a suitable position comes up. When my family first arrived in Australia, it took nearly 6 months before my husband was fortunate enough to be offered a position that fit his skill sets and experience. With a four-year-old and a baby due, our savings dwindled quickly with rent, a second-hand car, and relocation expenses as we established our new lives.

The 5 Biggest Business Networking Mistakes

Across the globe many enthusiastic networkers are attending events right now. However, most are making common errors they are not even aware of…and tomorrow they will think networking doesn’t work! Their few hours will be a good time, but mostly a waste of time. So it’s wise to spend a few minutes avoiding these common pitfalls to ensure you are networking correctly and successfully.

Write a Job Winning Cover Letter

First impressions; yes, we all have them. Even though we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, we all do it to some degree anyway. A cover letter is your crucial first impression on a potential employer, so it needs to be fabulous. It needs to knock their socks off. It needs to get your foot in the door.

Is connecting with a friend important?

In this day and age of the “women can do it all” era, the juggle of home life, work life, social life and extracurricular life is becoming increasingly hard to maintain. The demands that are put on us daily (or more to the point that we put on ourselves) means there are areas of our life that are …

Colours to wear for an interview

In today’s job market in which companies might interview dozens of potential clients for one position, first impressions are more important than ever! One important and often overlooked aspect of an interviewee’s first impression is colour. The colour of your clothing sends a ….

Hello, is it Me You’re Looking For?

With 1/3 of job vacancies in Australia not advertised, cold calling is a skill worth honing to take advantage of this hidden job market. Majority of my clients dread the ‘cold call’ to prospective employers. If you take into consideration that the word ‘cold’ does not bring a warm feeling, people attach negative meaning to the process. So flip it!

Create Your Own Opportunities….

Very rarely will a fantastic opportunity land straight in your lap without you seeing it coming first. Although it seems out of the blue, often when you’re speaking to your friends and they tell you about some awesome thing that they just happened to fall into, they’ve actually done some ground work to get there, they just didn’t realise.

5 Things to Tell Yourself Before Going on a Job Interview, Date or to a Party

Going into a new setting or environment is often unnerving. So there are 5 things to tell yourself before going on a job interview, date or to a party. It’s important to have your mind in check when you go in so when you leave that event it’s with your ideal outcome. Now before you say “Easier said than done,” we’ve got five affirmations to arm you with…..