How to Change Your Life RADICALLY!

Everyone knows you can make small changes to your life over time.
But what if you don’t want to wait?
If you’re either:
A super high achiever that wants it all NOW, or
You’re so dis-satisfied with areas of your life and want massive change NOW!
Then the strategy that gets you quick and massive results needs to be vastly different.
For example, if you want to totally transform your health and weight, eating 1 less Tim Tam a night won’t do it.
Here are the 3 things you will need…

Do I Have to Know My Purpose?

Do I have to know my purpose?
Do I really need absolute certainty in what my purpose is before I go out there and start taking the necessary actions to live the most fulfilling life possible?
Confused? I was recently running a seminar down in Melbourne and I had a good fortune speaking with a lady who’s in the audience, and she mentioned to me that she’d been sitting at home for well over 3 years virtually immobilized by the fact that she didn’t have unquestionable certainty, and unstoppable determination with absolute – the most highest level of vision and mission possible, and as a result of that she wasn’t able to move any way.

What is Vibration?

Friends can often be your worst enemies when you are seeking new heights in your life. It is a harsh call and unfortunately in many cases this is more than true.
Have you ever been to a school reunion before? When you arrive all of a sudden you are acting like you did when you where in school and doing things that are totally out of character to who you have become now. This for me is the greatest proof that your environment and the people you associate with has a huge impact on how you act.

Surviving Domestic Violence

It seems if you turn on the television lately you’re confronted with another story of a woman being killed at the hands of someone she loved or once loved. In Victoria alone in 2013-14, police were called out to 65,393 domestic violence incidents; nearly twice as many...

6 Thoughts That Stop People Doing What They Love

Everyone always says “Do what you love and the money will follow”. But that’s easier said than done. However, it’s definitely worth it and it’s our entire mission. I know there are roadblocks along the way to creating a career you love and that pays well. But I want you to know that we’ve helped thousands of people to overcome them…and we can help you too. It just takes awareness of the problems and the ability to solve them one action step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back thinking the hardest part was just making the decision to start.

The best butt and leg exercises

If you incorporate the following exercises and drills into your routine, you’ll burn fat, shape your legs and butt and get stronger which means you’ll look better, go faster, jump higher and move more quickly. What’s not to like?

How fitness changed my life

The time has come for you to slowly gaze at your reflection. That reflection, that once stood with so much confidence, happiness and positivity, now resembles a robotic human, bereft of energy, lacking passion or purpose. It’s a person you no longer recognize, as your spiritual light that once shone so brightly through your eyes, is now dimly lit in a world of fake fitness selfies and unrealistic images of perfection.

8 Office Spaces that Rock!

If you work full time like me, your office space is your home away from home. Having a space that you feel comfortable in, will help you be more productive, creative and inspired. So, I have put together some of my favourite office space inspirations for you to create in your office, to make you feel good about turning up to work everyday.

Dad. The Unsung Hero!

I always found it strange when I went to primary school and the other kids spoke about their parents. They would say that they were annoying or mean or they just didn’t like them in general. Don’t get me wrong, kids say a lot of mean stuff and most of them, I’m sure, didn’t mean it; but at the time I couldn’t understand why they felt that way.

Why Bon Jovi got it right!

Sometimes we listen to songs and don’t think about the words, we just sing along. Sometimes we make up our own lyrics to the music. When we do listen to the words we place our own meaning on what the song is about, we relate it to our own