8 Office Spaces that Rock!

If you work full time like me, your office space is your home away from home. Having a space that you feel comfortable in, will help you be more productive, creative and inspired. So, I have put together some of my favourite office space inspirations for you to create in your office, to make you feel good about turning up to work everyday.

4 Steps to Work, Life Balance

This is a common struggle that so many women have. We all aim for WLB (Work, Life, Balance), but is it possible? Some of us may try without success to have a good WLB and I am sure some of us are very successful at it. Me? Sometimes I feel like I have WLB and sometimes I feel like..

9 Steps to Be the Best You Can Be

No one is perfect, certainly not me, but I think we all strive at some time or another in our life to achieve a certain level of satisfaction in being the best you can be. This can mean different things for different people. For me it is being kind hearted and caring for my fellow human beings, for others it is ….

Hello, is it Me You’re Looking For?

With 1/3 of job vacancies in Australia not advertised, cold calling is a skill worth honing to take advantage of this hidden job market. Majority of my clients dread the ‘cold call’ to prospective employers. If you take into consideration that the word ‘cold’ does not bring a warm feeling, people attach negative meaning to the process. So flip it!

Know your Self to Sell Yourself

When I ask my clients to tell me a little about themselves I find they struggle to come up with an answer. A common response is ‘there is not much to tell’ I challenge this response and say that everyone has a lot to say, I challenge you to look inward and see the person you really are.

Are you always racing against time?

As a full-time, working, single parent, I find there are often two things that I severely lack; time and money (though it was tempting to write patience instead of money). I truly struggle to balance my time effectively and ensure that I have time for both my work and my child.