Be Authentic to be Magnetic!

A lot of our life is wasted trying to be someone else. Growing up we are told to be this way or that – usually more or less than we are most naturally. Our parents and teachers urge us to be more respectful or less talkative. Later, as teenagers, we try on several identities… the Geek, the Athlete, the Rebel… searching for the perfect fit. As adults, though we’ve settled on a pattern of behavior, we are still making adjustments trying to be more successful or more lovable.

Dealing with Loss

Death is a difficult topic to talk about; because if we don’t talk about it, it won’t happen, right? You can’t tempt fate and talk about the one thing you dread the most. The finality that comes with death is likely the cause of people’s desire to not speak about it....

Surviving Domestic Violence

It seems if you turn on the television lately you’re confronted with another story of a woman being killed at the hands of someone she loved or once loved. In Victoria alone in 2013-14, police were called out to 65,393 domestic violence incidents; nearly twice as many...

Dad. The Unsung Hero!

I always found it strange when I went to primary school and the other kids spoke about their parents. They would say that they were annoying or mean or they just didn’t like them in general. Don’t get me wrong, kids say a lot of mean stuff and most of them, I’m sure, didn’t mean it; but at the time I couldn’t understand why they felt that way.

How to manage self-talk

There’s a voice in the back of my head – if I’m honest, it sounds like my mother – and it’s my barometer. If I’m about to step outside of my comfort zone, that little voice isn’t so little anymore; it’s akin to the pre-match entertainment at the Grand Final. It screams at me. That voice, my self-talk, has the ability to quickly talk me out

5 Reason’s Why Dads Are Great!

We live in the 21st Century where women are making inroads to equality. More and more women are working, which has meant that traditional family roles have had to shift to a more equal share of duties. This has had me think about the men in our lives and the effect of equality….

Is connecting with a friend important?

In this day and age of the “women can do it all” era, the juggle of home life, work life, social life and extracurricular life is becoming increasingly hard to maintain. The demands that are put on us daily (or more to the point that we put on ourselves) means there are areas of our life that are …

3 Steps to handle criticism

One of the greatest fears that we all have in common is the fear of being criticised. It can be the primary reason why people don’t like to speak in public, talk in meetings, even post something on social media sites– all because we’re afraid of what people will say, afraid of how this will……

Know your Self to Sell Yourself

When I ask my clients to tell me a little about themselves I find they struggle to come up with an answer. A common response is ‘there is not much to tell’ I challenge this response and say that everyone has a lot to say, I challenge you to look inward and see the person you really are.