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I am very thankful that I could be part of this experience. From this one seminar I have become aware of personal issues and goals that I wanted to set.
It has allowed me to find a clear path and opened my mind like no other time in my life. I feel very inspired, confident and ready for my new mission! Thank you very much.


I was invited by Maria and Shannyn from Career Change Happens to be a part of the focus group for their new program ‘Find Your Calling’. What I was pleasantly surprised by was that this was not just your run of the mill program where you attend and go through the motions hoping that it will end soon! This program was conducted in such a positive and motivational environment run by a very inspiring and empowering team! I looked forward each week for the following week’s session! Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience!


I have spent the past 5 weeks attending a program called ‘find your calling’ run by the amazing Maria Smith and her team from Career Change Happens. This program was not necessarily about changing careers but about motivating and inspiring us to reach our full potential. I came away each week with a smile on my face and a better understanding of what I want from life and how I can achieve this. This was by far the most powerful journey I have taken so far in my life. Thank you Maria. It is really true. If you can change your mind you can change your life. This was THE most life changing thing I have ever been a part of.


Find Your Calling is a wonderful course it helps you navigate through all your beliefs about your strengths and weaknesses, really searching inside yourself helping shine light on your true feelings and ambitions for your future working in a career that makes your heart and mind content. On completion of the course I sat and really envisioned myself right there in the job that is my true calling and felt really calm and happy. So yes I think its time to follow my calling! 🙂 Thanks Maria and staff at CCH.


I’m now back in Mackay after the whirlwind few days in beautiful Melbourne… boy am I finding it hard to ground myself. Especially after our workshop with Maria… particularly since my list written from the heart spoke all about moving back there. I haven’t stopped taking action since… wondering how everyone else is going!!


Awesome day – great job Maria – To see all those people inspired was amazing.


I love listening to you Maria – I always walk away from you feeling positive, invigorated and confident. It’s the little ‘reminders’ that keep me motivated. But it’s this CCH program that got me started. So thank you to you and your gorgeous team for the opportunity and happiness 🙂


I personally felt that I had a real shift on the day. It was fun with the group. Maria is very good at what she does! Thank you.


I found myself stepping outside my comfort zone. Quite nervous and not knowing what to expect, I accepted Maria’s invitation to trial her amazing new program, Career Change Happens. Going into this group I was quite mystified as to what I’d get out of it. What I didn’t expect was to have a major life altering event. I have met some of the most courageous, interesting and resourceful women. I have had the most liberating and supportive experience ever. It is a must do for all women especially mothers who put everything and everyone else first and forget about themselves. All areas of my life have changed for the better. Thank you for everything Maria, Shannyn and Kelly. Maria and all the team. Gratitude and much appreciation for that magic wand that you yield. Miracles do happen. Thank you. You have given me wings. Time to fly.


I was chosen to be part of a focus group called Career Change Happens. I was a fairly closed off person who had reached almost the darkest of depths I thought I could reach. I honestly didn’t see a way out of the mire until I signed up to do this program. I was given the honour of sharing this journey with five other lovely ladies, whom I now feel are my champions and cheerleaders. Not to mention the head cheerleader, Maria and her absolutely amazing team. I have been able to find a new self-confidence, to take absolute responsibility for everything that occurs in my life and the ability to accept the things I cannot change. I am able to look at situations and see the good, rather than focus solely on the negative. Most of all, I’m giving myself permission to live…rather than live up to other people’s expectations. If you feel like you could benefit from this, please do not hesitate to like their page, message me and ask, or give them a call. You will not regret it. I promise you.


Great work, it is an amazing program, it really got me thinking about my current job, life and what the future may hold for me. I loved the activities. I really appreciated how it made you think about you and your life, especially in areas that you don’t think about often. Completing activities made you more accountable for a number of things, things I think you tend to ignore. I also enjoyed the communication styles and beliefs. I think it is important to remember everyone is different, and by identifying some of these areas you highlighted, it shows just how different we can be.


Thanks guys, had a lot of fun, learnt new things, met wonderful people 🙂


I love all the content that Maria would call the ‘woo, woo’ stuff. I really, really enjoyed the visualisation activities and the energy I felt after doing these. The barn yard activity did scare the crap our of me, but I did really enjoy it. I did become much clearer today and it’s that my focus is really on filling my cup in other areas of my life at this point in time and that focus on my career was not as important at this point in time. Thank you so very much.


Thank you again for a great day and specifically for picking my name from the hat for the door prize! Very much looking forward to learning more about the program.


I was really excited.
I thought the day was brilliant and I left on a real high, which continued for days. It seems to bring everything forward, new things you have learnt and ties back with everything else I have learnt, so my knowing becomes stronger and clearer. Basically I love everything you do Maria and how good it makes me feel. You are brilliant in what you do for others.


I have been given some amazing opportunities these last few weeks and this program was one of them. Career Change Happens is not just about changing your career, but also about realising possibilities and discovering things about yourself in a positive and motivational environment, supported by an inspiring and empowering team. Take a look…


I just want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Maria Smith and her amazing team at Career Change Happens for inviting me to be part of the focus group for their new program ‘Find Your Calling’. I now have a new found passion and vision for my life, that a few months ago I never thought was possible. To the five wonderful women that I had the privilege of taking this journey with, I ‘thank you’ as well for sharing and trusting me with your stories and for our new found friendships. I highly recommend this program, it will change your life!!! I can’t thank you enough for letting me be involved, it has been amazing to say the least.


What I loved about the program was how I stepped back and really thought about myself and what I wanted. I think I’ve already found my calling. In fact I’ve found it several times, but something like this course can really make you confident that what you’re doing is the right thing even if you don’t need a change. I also feel that you should redo a course like this every once and a while, because what is your calling today may not be in the future.


Really loved the meditation bit at the end, that was a very powerful way to wrap everything up. It has reaffirmed for me exactly what next steps I need to take.


It was great that we were guided to look into ourselves to find the right path, instead of just being told what to do. Maria has amazing energy and everything she talks about and gets across is so genuine and it all felt true to me and learnt very much.


Thank you for an inspiring day on Sunday. What really resonated with me was your comment “ Just show up!” – because you never know what you will learn or who you will meet!



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